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fl4sh1, 2016-07-31 21:02:38

3200x1800 vs 1920x1080?

Good day. I want to buy a new laptop, mainly for working in PS, FL Studio, watching movies and surfing the Internet. My choice fell on ASUS ZENBOOK UX303UB-DQ019T and UX303UB-R4051T, their main difference is that the first one has a display with a resolution of . 3200x1800, and the second one is 1920x1080 and even in small things, both are 13.3". So what is the question, how convenient will it be to work both on qhd + and on fhd? If you have similar devices - respond.
There is also an alternative option, this is the Apple MacBook Pro (MF839 But since it is less productive, I'm afraid that in 5 years I'll have to buy a new one, owners of poppies, what do you say?

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Fixid, 2016-07-31

In qhd + it is very difficult to work with unoptimized software, menus are torn, etc.
IMHO FHD for 13.3 is optimal

Ivan M, 2016-07-31

13.3 more than fhd is absolutely useless in my opinion. The tasks are absolutely trivial. For design, in my opinion, a separate monitor is better.

vitaliy2, 2016-12-23

I advise you to take not 3200x1800, but 3840x2160, then you can set the scale to 200% - this is better than setting, for example, 175% (especially in the browser).

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