Valery Dmitriev2016-01-20 21:48:17
Valery Dmitriev, 2016-01-20 21:48:17

315Mhz Radio module with remote control for Arduino. Am I connecting correctly?

I wrote out such a module on Ali:
Full name: IC 2262/2272 4 CH 315Mhz Key Wireless Remote Control Kits Receiver module For arduino
It seems to be connected correctly, but does not show signs of life. Those. either marriage, or I connect something wrong.
I'm quite new to electronics.
I connect it like this:
If I understand correctly, then when you press the buttons on the remote control, a potential should appear on one of the legs D0 - D3 , depending on which button is pressed. And on the VT leg , the potential should appear when any button is pressed.
Accordingly, the voltmeter in my photo should show this and the LED should light up. But that doesn't happen.
Marriage or what needs to be redone?
If anyone is interested in a friend, the module still worked for me.
I examined all the contacts under a magnifying glass. I found that the variable capacitor, which is varnished, is poorly soldered. Soldered it and everything worked. Another wire-antenna made 24 cm and also soldered.

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Armenian Radio, 2016-01-20

Stick a wire to him, about half a meter into the hole marked ANT.

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