nizulko2016-12-09 11:41:35
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nizulko, 2016-12-09 11:41:35

301 redirect via .htaccess doesn't redirect?

Colleagues, I wrote dozens of lines in .htaccess with 404-pages of the form ("404" space "working"):

Redirect 301 /catalog/asp/osnovnyie-svedeniya.html /catalog/asp/osnovnyie-svedeniya/
Redirect 301 /catalog/ateks/products/korpusa/ /catalog/atelex-exd/produkcziya/

Something doesn't work...
Skis don't go - I...?

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Alexey S., 2016-12-09

Redirect 301 /catalog/asp/osnovnyie-svedeniya.html http://site.ru/catalog/asp/osnovnyie-svedeniya/
maybe so?

Alceo, 2016-12-09

Look at the webserver settings and the error log.
And you can rewrite like
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^old.html$ /new-location/ [END,R=301]

Nikita Kit, 2016-12-09

Obviously, if the redirect doesn't work, then htaccess doesn't work. There is no error, otherwise it would be 500 error.
Therefore, requests are processed on the ngnix server, and not apache. Write in tp, so that apache handles requests, and ngnix - so that they stupidly cut it for proxies.
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