Donowitz2016-03-08 00:01:05
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Donowitz, 2016-03-08 00:01:05

301 redirect in .htaccess after site transfer?

Tell me, please, who knows
how to solve the problem, the site flew on WordPress, and the pages have seo-weight
cannot be restored. Now everything is on bare html, and there each page ends with .php.
We need a redirect from a page like www.site.ru/mmm/ttt
to a page like www.site.ru/ttt.php
Or, as an option, create a page like www on
. site.ru/mmm/ttt

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Alexey S., 2016-03-08

www.site.ru/mmm/tttone-of-a-kind links of the form www.site.ru/mmm/ttt/index.php(well, or whatever you have by default)
RewriteRule ^mmm/(.*)$ $1.php

Viktor Taran, 2016-03-09

if the pages have weight, then you need to set them as they are, the redirect does not transfer the entire weight, but only a part. So if it doesn't bother you personally, it's better to keep the urls.

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