maks789452020-06-12 15:58:14
maks78945, 2020-06-12 15:58:14

301 redirect, how to go to the directory below?

Good afternoon, when adding such a redirect
Redirect 301 /111 /222/333
, everything works correctly, when mysite.ru/111 is requested, it redirects to mysite.ru/222/333,
but I need to go to a lower level, I made such a redirect
Redirect 301 /111 /111/333
, but when mysite.ru/111 was requested, I get this address mysite.ru/111/333/333/333/333/333/333/333/333/333/333 and instead of 404 I get the error "page not available".
Can you tell me how to do this redirect?

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dodo512, 2020-06-12

RedirectMatch 301 ^/111$ /111/333

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