br0nde2016-08-30 09:19:13
br0nde, 2016-08-30 09:19:13

301 redirect from the pages of the old site to the pages of the new one?

Dear developers!
I need your help in correctly resolving the issue with the redirect, as I do not have sufficient knowledge to resolve this issue.
Initial data - there is an old version of the site with a list of articles (more than 80) links to which were translated into QR codes and printed in periodicals. Type of link to the article on the old version old.site.ru/directory/NNN - where NNN is the number of the article in the directory.
There is a new version of the site site.ru/directory/NNN-article-name.html
The end result is a well-configured .htaccess rule for accessing materials on the new site.
What has been done so far- created a set of rules (more than 80) for redirecting requests from the old site to the new one. Example Redirect 301 /directory/863/ www.site.ru/directory/141-article-name.html
But I'm confused by the effectiveness of this approach, as well as the possible increase in server load when processing so many rules.

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Neocaridina, 2016-09-01

The load is zero, especially since the processing is on the old site.
I see different IDs for new and old articles, so the implemented manual version is just right.
In general, everything is OK, so then you will take it down.

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