Erick_Flatcher2016-12-12 04:06:58
Erick_Flatcher, 2016-12-12 04:06:58

3 fonts from Google Fonts, a lot?

Hi friends!
I use 2 fonts from Google Fonts (Open Sans (content) and PT Sans (headings, navigation, etc.)). I really want to use a serif font for headings on the Home page, Roboto Slab would be very appropriate ... Is it not a big problem if I, only on the Home page, use as many as 3 fonts?
What do you think about it?

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dom1n1k, 2016-12-16

It won't fit well.
The fonts are not too similar to blend in style, but not too different to contrast.
Why not pair PT Sans with PT Serif, because they are specially made for each other?
Or a pair of Roboto + Roboto Slab?
Or a pair of Noto Sans + Noto Serif (because Noto Sans is the twin of Open Sans)?

kn1ght_t, 2016-12-12

Yes, but why not? extra tens of kilobytes won't do anything special, just remove unnecessary styles

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