tomas2014-06-04 18:36:23
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tomas, 2014-06-04 18:36:23

3-D Secure and Sberbank card - how does it work?

I understand that it is mandatory for the technology to be used by both the issuing bank and the acquiring bank, but I could not understand how it works with Sberbank.
I came across several articles (one of them on Habré), where the authors claimed that the cardholder is protected in any case (if in Sberbank) regardless of whether the acquirer has 3-D Secure.
The essence of the question - speaking of the protection of Sberbank, is it implied that the issuer (Sberbank) is always right in case of disputing the operation, or Sberbank will always ask me for confirmation of payment with a temporary code, regardless of the acquiring bank, or both together? I would like to clarify exactly this point.
Thank you!

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