leverun2015-03-03 17:18:22
leverun, 2015-03-03 17:18:22

2D: Unreal Engine 4 or LibGDX?

Due to the fact that Unreal Engine 4 became free, I had an interesting question.
Is it worth using such a monster to develop 2D games?
The goal is mobile platforms, desktop is secondary.
For a long time I want to try my hand at gamedev as a hobby. Of course, I have heard about LibGDX, which is successfully developed, is multi-platform, has a large community, many articles and good books.
Actually, Unreal Engine has much more tools for product implementation.
As an example: Tappy Chicken on IOS and Tappy Chicken on Android

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tvhell, 2016-01-30

I like our Country of Soviets, a person asks about specific engines, but they begin to advise him each his own :) A classic situation.
On your question - the time has passed decently, how did you decide for yourself? I just started to study UE as a tool for working on 2D projects, although the target platform for me is desktop systems, I don’t even consider mobile versions yet. I also really like the toolkit, the same Paper 2D, judging by the video reviews over the past year, has made a lot of progress in new versions of UE. And so, regardless of the two-dimensional games, the set that "out of the box" is impressive. There is no such thing in Unity, for normal human work, the user is forced to buy additional tools for quite tangible amounts. Which is pretty cool, especially in the future of further development of 3D.
BluePrint - so in general it's like a fairy tale for me!

OnYourLips, 2015-03-03

Unity3D: Ideal for 2D games.

MShabdan, 2015-03-04

+ I also ask this question) UE4 is a monster in 3d with its blueprint)) But in 2d it's interesting to know.
But I'm considering Corona SDK or UE4))

Olegg, 2015-05-01

Personally, I would recommend corona sdk to you, it is very easy to learn. I have been studying it for only 2 weeks now, and at the same time I have achieved very good results. For example, for the spirit of a week of development, I was able to create tanks (well, like a dandy)

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