Riard Brugekaaim2015-06-14 12:05:50
Game development
Riard Brugekaaim, 2015-06-14 12:05:50

2D and Unreal engine 4. Or is it Unity?

I want to make a toy step by step, in isometry.
Recommend articles on this subject. And in particular about the correct arrangement of sprites in space, with the help of logic. (The nuance is that the generation of the map must be either only code or from saving) It is
possible both in C ++ and in drawings.
And at the end. All the same, the site is about questions.
Which of these mastodons is more adapted to 2d? Ue4 or U?
I have heard that Unity is quite laggy, but in terms of graphics, I use a minimum. But the logic and AI in the foreseeable, but distant future, I will have to optimize sooo much.

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Espleth, 2015-06-14

The main problem with Unity is that it is slow. But it mostly shows up in heavy 3d games, so you're not in danger. And to make games on it, in theory, is easier and faster.
Although if you know C++ better, then I would choose UE4 or Cocos2D

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