bekka2020-04-20 09:33:11
Payment systems
bekka, 2020-04-20 09:33:11

2Checkout integration, what rules must be followed in order to approve the activation?

I sent it for review, 1 week passed, and they did not answer. So far, I realized that in addition to this payment system (of the popular ones), it is impossible to work with others. I'm going to sell goods to the USA and Europe. At first, I would like to just test and open a business without an individual entrepreneur. If there are alternative options, without opening an IP, please suggest.

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boss_lexa, 2020-04-20

in telegram there is a dropshipping community where they rent stripe for a monthly subscriber - I didn’t test it myself, if necessary I can look for contacts

bekka, 2020-04-20

Paypal is not available in my country, are there other options?

MrKruger, 2020-04-29

Romanians bought 2CO not so long ago, now there is a certain touch of confusion there. Look at something like interkassy.

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