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Bohdan, 2019-06-16 18:29:40

256 vs 512 MacBook Pro 2018 13''

Hello. I want to take a Macbook pro 2018 13 inches (4 cores, 8 RAM). I'm interested in the question of memory, is 256 GB suitable for me or is it better to take 512. 512 will be more pleasant, but we still need to build a studio. Will 256 GB of memory be enough?
The goal is to edit and shoot video, upload it in 1080, during editing it will be possible from 4k, duration up to 20 minutes. Is it suitable for comfortable use of iCloud ??? Sometimes light photoshop to use. I usually don’t keep anything superfluous on devices, I delete old and unnecessary files. Of the working programs there will be Photoshop and Final Cut, a sound editor. Computer for work. Thank you. I would be grateful for arguments and facts, real operating experience. If someone shares how much it takes in terms of volume, some preparatory work for the video would be ok, or just to make it clear))
Does the fullness of the ssd affect the performance ???
Ps Models older or with a larger diagonal, not Apple, I do not consider. <3
Have a nice day!

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Denis Fedorets, 2019-06-17

If you are going to work with video and edit for YouTube, then you will have to buy an external drive anyway. The size of the disk that is on board will not save you from the outside even once. So take 256 and that's it, it makes no sense to overpay.

Ronald McDonald, 2019-06-16

If there is some kind of external storage device (yes, at least a docking station) - take it for 256 and do not overpay. In general, there will always be something like this for the home, I recommend it.

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