malekc2017-11-28 14:05:33
malekc, 2017-11-28 14:05:33

2500 entries on one page - how best to submit?

In general, a three-column page https://podskazki.info/karta-statej/
There are a lot of articles and it has become simply inconvenient for users.
And there are plans to withdraw about 1000 more.
What to do what alternatives?

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Alexey Sklyarov, 2017-11-28

Easily. Change the design of the list. Make the selection by letter more visible. Make sorting (mandatory): a common search form that will filter out extra letters if they are not used, then words that no longer exactly match the query, and so on.

buckstabu, 2017-11-28

Do a site search

Eugene Volf, 2017-11-28

What to do what are the alternatives?
Display entries with alphabetical filtering and/or pagination.

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