Temur Begiev2018-12-26 23:21:26
Temur Begiev, 2018-12-26 23:21:26

23.8" or 25" monitor?

Good day.
The question is: now there is a 20 "1680x1050p monitor.
I want to buy a new monitor. The choice was made by Dell.
There are two options:
The resolution is the same. The difference is only in the diagonal. The price difference is 10000tr.
Share your experience.
Does it make sense to overpay for 1.2"?
Is 2k resolution normal for a 23.8" monitor?
Thank you.

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Vladimir Proskurin, 2018-12-26

The only difference is the diagonal. The price difference is 10000tr.

Well, not only. The one that is more expensive is brighter, has HDR10, supports HDMI 2.0.
Overpay 10000r for 1.2 'I think it's stupid, because. you can sit a little closer, and it will also be large. A noticeable difference will be with 28 '.

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