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@atoro, 2019-08-02 12:40:21

2160p H.265 video on older hardware?

There is Win7 + i7-3770(Ivy) + GTX650 Ti Boost. Download MPC-BE. Downloaded 2 samples in HEVC and 4K. Start of Elysium on 60 Mbps. And jellyfish for 120 Mbps. Elysium does not seem to slow down, if you do not look closely, the jellyfish obviously slow down in the first half of the video, when there are a lot of them and they are in a cloud of plankton.
My goal is to watch fantastic movies today at 2160p and 36mbps on 1080p TV. Not because 4K, but because it is today that there is time, and when it appears in 1080p it may no longer be.
I could not Google to answer a specific question - does 4K with 36 Mbps have the right to slow down on such hardware or not?
PS Okay, the best theory is practice, I'll download it and see what happens :)

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@nidalee, 2019-08-02

I would say that on such hardware it must slow down. Buy a graphics card that supports 8/10-bit HEVC (H.265) 4:2:0 hardware decoding and you'll be fine. You can get the cheapest one.
Support for this very decoding by cards can be found here (NV DEC Support Matrix)

Yan, 2019-08-02

Let's start with hevc - it's better to stay away from it on old hardware, because the video card is not supported by hardware, which means that the load will go to
4k percent avc codec is lighter, but again if video is 10bit, then hardware does not support
So we need at least 8 bit uh, but even here you need to set up a decoder (and in mpc there is lav video decoder, in the settings put a video card and daws over the necessary codecs) What does it mean not in full

Sergey Mironov, 2019-08-02

On old hardware, the speed of reading from a hard disk can be corny, depending on how old it is, of course.
Who asked for samples, on YouTube with good internet 8k video:
Above NYC - Filmed in 12K
YouTube currently does not show more than 8k.

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