Roma Zvarich2016-04-17 12:11:45
Roma Zvarich, 2016-04-17 12:11:45

2016 - Google Maps or Yandex.Maps?

After Google Maps significantly improved the detail of maps and panoramas for the CIS countries, the once important argument: " Yandex is better in the CIS countries " has become less relevant.
And on the Internet, we managed to find reviews and comparisons only 2-3 years ago.
I would be grateful for advice on which OF THESE TWO map services is better to implement on the site today.
It is planned to use it on a site that is a catalog of objects with crowdsourcing , in which there is an active work with maps.
Comparison criteria:

  • The quality of the address search - that is, which one is "smarter" in situations where the street name and building number are entered in a relatively free form for an object that is added to the database?
  • Detailing of object addresses - where is it more likely that exotic objects such as a newly built, industrial or sports building / structure will have their own number?
  • Detailed drawing of objects - where is the probability that a building or structure will be drawn on the map?
  • Usage cost – Both services have a free usage limit of 25,000 hits per day. When this limit is exceeded, what comes out more profitable? (I still couldn’t figure out the rather confusing tariffs from Google . I didn’t find any tariffs for Yandex)
  • Other - maybe there is something for which you specifically prefer a particular service.

Thank you.

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Edward, 2016-04-17

Try OpenStreetMap.

D', 2016-04-17

Yandex and Google have restrictions on their use in commercial products, and they are quite strict.
Because of this, I had to abandon both in favor of OSM, since licenses for $ 10k are too fat.

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2016-04-17

At the expense of another - Yandex has better documentation, as for me.

trolleyway, 2016-05-10

Use the Google engine, use Google addresses through their API, but use OSM - Mapnik or Sputnik as the background, because there the picture is more beautiful, more detailed and more accurate.

Alexander, 2017-03-02

Use multiple cards at once.
Example: https://all-maps.herokuapp.com/

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