Okloks2013-07-07 16:06:23
SIM cards
Okloks, 2013-07-07 16:06:23

2013 Choose a dual sim phone with an acceptable camera?

Brothers in mind, tell me a Dual SIM device + at least 3 MPix camera (preferably 5 MPix) + a good battery.
The device is needed for work by one railway worker, the camera is important. Who has recommendations?

Just to make sure the price doesn't go up. I understand, mutually exclusive paragraphs, but I have already found LG GX200 and Philips Xenium X513 , but they are rather weak cameras.

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Dmitry, 2013-07-07

Jiayu G4 (batteries - 3000, camera -12 interpolated, 2 sims, price!).

asm0dey, 2013-07-07

market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=8468525&hid=91491 Waiting
time is substantial, 5MP camera, can be bought for less than 5 pieces.

fStrange, 2013-07-07

Xenium w732 there are honest 5Mp

Vampiro, 2013-07-07

Fly440. camera 5, but without a flash for some reason. battery 2500. The price is about 5k. From the cool, you can not completely remove the sound of the shutter, if you do not reflash. But in general, an entertaining brick.

Warchoon, 2013-07-09

If you are not afraid to order in China, then uberdeal.ru or togetho.ru
There, according to the described characteristics, any device from the new ones will do.
A "good" camera now is 8 or 13 Mpx. The Chinese have two SIM cards - almost the standard.
The quality has been there for a long time.

AndreyNagih, 2013-07-08

Lenovo P770 - excellent battery, 2 SIM cards, tolerable camera.

bdmalex, 2013-07-08

I would not look in the direction of the LG GX200, because this is a very budget model.
The owner of the LG GX500 himself - but if you are interested in the camera, then this is also not your option.

Aisu_Kuge, 2013-07-08

A good option would be to buy a Chinese (for example, Jually G3 / G4) + a spare battery.
On Saturday I received Umi X2 . Was very pleased.

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