Sergey2013-11-28 16:21:13
Sergey, 2013-11-28 16:21:13

2012r Server Core uploading files to a bare machine outside the domain

Initially, I tested the machine on a virtual machine. And I ran into an interesting problem. As you know, there is no graphical interface on this version of Windows. Let's assume that it won't be there. And we need to roll at least far and on the little things of any nonsense. I got out of the situation by simply mounting the flash drive to the virtual machine. Offer options for a user outside the domain to do the same job. Only pzh the full version of events. At least one other way I know.

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Qwadrat, 2013-11-29

Make a ball (net share) on the server, upload distros there and install it. Or connect a network drive with distros (net use). I don't see a problem.

Alexander, 2013-12-05

Launch powershell and go tocd \\netshare\distr

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