Yuri2012-12-21 10:23:11
Yuri, 2012-12-21 10:23:11

2012 samsung smartTV emulator and png translucency?

Help me please. Maybe someone came across. The problem is the following. Added a video player and a PNG image with a transparency and translucency area is superimposed on it. There are no problems with the transparent area - i.e. we see what is played by the player. The semi-transparent area becomes a black pixelated area. Has anyone experienced something similar?
The problem looks exactly the same:
Still no solution.
In fact, it turns out that the player is a flash object. The 2012 emulator browser itself is based on the Webkit engine (DOM's level v3, SquirrelFish JS engine). Maybe in real life in webdev someone met this?

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lacki, 2012-12-21

The emulator has some translucency and video issues that don't replicate on real TV. If it is possible to show the application, I can help with testing the problem on real TV.

Makito, 2012-12-21

It's strange, I saw this behavior only in ie7-8 for translucent pictures, and then only if they programmatically change the transparency. It was treated purely with filters ie.

unxed, 2013-01-29


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