triggerfinger2018-01-04 21:09:27
triggerfinger, 2018-01-04 21:09:27

2 wi-fi adapters at the same time: how to choose a priority connection?

At the same time, 2 wi-fi adapters are connected to the laptop and to different Internet providers: one native in the laptop and one external USB.
At the moment, as far as I understand, the rule works - which adapter first got into the Internet, that one gives the Internet to the host (the second adapter gives the Internet to the guest). It is very uncomfortable. How can this be further configured? For example, I want a particular adapter to always take precedence over another.
Host Ubuntu 16.04

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ky0, 2018-01-05

Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections , press Alt, open Advanced - Advanced Settings (or Provider Order) in the top menu , there you will find a list of interfaces where you can change the priority.
With screenshots: https://www.interfacett.com/blogs/changing-the-net...
PS - I didn't notice that you have Linux, I'm sorry. In this case, IMHO, the easiest way to implement this is with route metrics, for example, using ifmetric .

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