intnzy2013-05-07 16:29:37
intnzy, 2013-05-07 16:29:37

2-Way Photo Sync Phone (Android)<->PC (Win)

Tell me a solution for two-way synchronization of photos on the phone. In principle, even let it be the contents of a certain folder on the phone's flash drive. The phone itself clings to the computer using the MTP protocol.
It would be desirable that after a sink, and watching, editing and deleting unnecessary on one side, all changes were also transferred to the other side.
An important condition is no social networks, clouds and other public storage places. Only sync when contacting the phone via USB. At worst, via WiFi, but again without intermediaries.

Is it even possible? Everything that I found on the net is solid creepy crutches.

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Diam0n, 2013-05-07

Cheetah Sync for Files/Folders

SokoloffP, 2013-05-07

Put an ftp server on your phone, any, from the player, and on the Handy Backup computer, for example, it can synchronize on a schedule.
Via USB, yes via MTP ...) It’s not always possible to merge there normally, the protocol is too crooked.
Personally, DropSync is more convenient for me, but religion forbids you.

Anton Bobylev, 2013-05-07

And the usual software for synchronizing folders is not suitable? The same Synkron , for example?

Eugene, 2013-05-07

PureSync can sync over MTP (but with limitations).

SlavikF, 2013-05-07

I have a WebDAV server on my computer.
Here I am with him and synchronize the folder with photos. Round trip.
By Wi-Fi. With the help of this program:

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