Onegai2018-05-04 07:21:17
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Onegai, 2018-05-04 07:21:17

2 WAN, 1 LAN Mikrotik split and switch?

Hello! There was already a similar question, but my situation is a little different, and, frankly, I'm dumb on what to do in my case. So, given:
Ether1 - Internet1
Ether2 - Internet2
Erther3-6 - device pool1
Ether7-10 - device pool2
All devices in the same subnet,
second. If one of the providers falls off, it should automatically switch to another. How to implement it?

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burst, 2018-05-04

One of the simplest options
1) Mark packets for pool 1 and pool
2 2) Assign distance for routes. You set the priority for marked traffic in accordance with your desires.

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