zomberg2020-01-23 23:08:41
zomberg, 2020-01-23 23:08:41

2 VPN connections on one Win 10 host for two virtual machines?

I want to make two virtual machines with Win 7 or 10 on my computer with Win 10 Pro, so that each can connect to its VPN connection on the host and access the Internet through it. It turns out that two VPN connections must be enabled on the host at the same time, moreover, not one through the other, but one “next to” the other. Is it possible to do this? Prompt in what direction to dig. It is clear that it is possible to shove VPN inside virtual machines, but I wonder if it is possible to do this through the host?
Thank you.

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Diman89, 2020-01-24

In no way: in the comment above it was correctly written that you need to think in the direction of routes, but in this case on the host you will have access to "half of the Internet" through the first VPN connection, and to the second half - through the second, which is unlikely to get you arrange

hint000, 2020-01-24

You can try to create two bridges.
Attach the first virtual machine and the first VPN to the first bridge.
Attach the second virtual machine and the second VPN to the second bridge.
At the same time, on the host, do not send the default route to any of the VPNs.
Theoretically it should work, in practice it needs to be tested.

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