gameboy0952018-11-18 18:18:00
Apache HTTP Server
gameboy095, 2018-11-18 18:18:00

2 sites on the same IP (one with SSL, the other without SSL)?

I am not strong in this matter, so I had to ask for help, is it possible to implement this?
Ubuntu+Apache, home server with dedicated IP, 1 site is working now with incl. SSL, threw the config (virtualhost) on the second site and it constantly opens via https, how to set up the 2nd site via http?
ps as I understand it, the 2nd site picks up the htaccess of the 1st site, because it immediately throws it on www (such rules are written for the 1st site)

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Viktor Taran, 2018-11-18

1. better do both with ssl so that letsencrypt works like clockwork.
2. The specificity of web servers is that the selection of a site is not based on IP and not on port, because at one time they saved IP and now sites are determined by http referee, that is, by title. thus, you can hang any number of sites on one port and IP, everything is great until it comes to https,
because as you understand https does not mean first getting a referee and then connecting. For the encryption of the channel goes before the data is received. And as a consequence, https does not have the ability to read the referee.
As a result, he has to make a very strange knight's move.
If he sees the site but does not see the keys, then he finds the closest ones and substitutes them, as a result, and his config.

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