Vasily Khryagin2019-12-17 18:53:09
Vasily Khryagin, 2019-12-17 18:53:09

2 questions about slick-slider tabs?

penthhouse for some reason is not filtered and when clicked, all slides appear, not penthouses. What could be the problem?
And how to make the page load by the one filter, and not by all the slides?
Looks like this code needs to be changed.$("#price .price-slider").slick('slickUnfilter');

$(function() {
  $('#price .price-slider').slick({
     slidesToShow: 1,
     slidesToScroll: 1,
     infinite: false,
     arrows: false,
     centerMode: true,
     variableWidth: true,
     arrows: true,
     prevArrow: '.price-prev-arrow',
     nextArrow: '.price-next-arrow',
     lazyLoad: 'progressive',
      responsive: [
           breakpoint: 501,
           settings: {
            centerMode: false,
            arrows: false,
            variableWidth: false
  $("#price .price-nav__item").on('click', function(){
      var filter = $(this).data('filter');
       $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickUnfilter');
      if(filter == 'one'){
        $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickFilter','.one');
      else if(filter == 'two'){
        $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickFilter','.two');
      else if(filter == 'three'){
        $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickFilter','.three');
      else if(filter == 'four'){
        $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickFilter','.four');
      else if(filter == 'penthouse'){
        $("#price .price-slider").slick('slickfilter','.penthouse');

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