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DK, 2013-03-06 13:21:21

2 questions about free software?

Good afternoon everyone!
As part of the report, I need to compile a free software-commercial software compliance list. At the same time, the larger the list, the better, so I am addressing you, %username%. For a list, just names are enough, for example, Joomla - Bitrix.
Banal examples, like operating systems, can probably be omitted.
And the second question, are there any good books/articles on the benefits of moving a company from KPO to SPO?
Thank you very much in advance.

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sshz, 2013-03-06

For example alternativeto.net/
A large database of software for all popular platforms and alternatives to this software, commercial and free

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2013-03-08

On the second question, the benefit should be calculated in each specific case for each specific p / o.
And it is necessary to consider a bunch of factors both when choosing a p / o, and when changing it.
For example:
There was a company with a main office for 700 people who purchased a 2007 office, 5 years have passed, documents, orders, extracts, scans of documents, presentations and marketing reports in the 2007 office format have multiplied and multiplied from several gigabytes to ten terabytes of the company's internal documents , from half-hour presentations for 10-20 frames to 4-5 megabyte multi-page reports in Excel, data according to formulas in which, when opened or changed on Core Duo 2Ghz / 2GB Ram machines, were recalculated within 3-5 minutes.
The company expanded dramatically to 2.5 thousand employees, in new offices, to save money, there was an open office on very weak machines, employees were actively involved in work, and then hundreds of problems began to pop up in the helpdesk “My file does not open”. Upon investigation, it turned out that the submitted presentations, reports made in the 2007 office with somewhat complex formatting and a large number of formulas either a) completely hang Open|Libre Office, b) documents open partially or with a complete / partial loss of formatting / calculations, and , as a result - almost zero readability of documents.
Your choice?
Check and convert 10 terabytes of documents with loss of formulas and formatting to the outdated .DOC/RTF format, searching for them in hundreds of servers and repositories?
Give hemorrhoids to the employees of the central office helpdesk for transferring everyone to Openofis and then kill their time retraining employees from working in the familiar MSOffice to the unusual Openofis?
Calculate that it is more profitable to buy another one and a half thousand office licenses and distribute them to the working machines of new employees, taking into account the fact that they all have the usual MS Office at home, familiar and understandable, and they will not have to relearn.

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