copenhagen722018-02-05 12:51:33
copenhagen72, 2018-02-05 12:51:33

2 providers, how to make access to the 1C server?

There is a 1C Trade Management server in one place, cash equipment and a site on Bitrix in other places. 2 providers are connected for the reliability of access to the server.
Input data about providers:
1 - local provider
For him you can buy:
Static real IP-address - 90 rubles / month. (VPN connection)
Attention! (When connecting the service dedicated IP address via VPN, the provision of Internet access through a regular local IP address is terminated);
Static routed real IP address — 450 rubles/month;
For it you can buy:
“Static IP address” is your permanent IP address on the Internet, which, unlike a dynamic IP address, is assigned to your login and remains unchanged until the service is disabled.
Subscription fee 130 rubles/month.
There is a Mikrotik router. 1 provider is connected directly, 2 provider through their optical router and then to Mikrotik.
How to implement access to the server with the least labor and money costs?
Or enable 1C Link? :)

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Dmitry Skoromnov, 2018-02-05

I think you need port forwarding on MikroTik .
Also, to clarify with you, are the Internet channels configured in balancing mode or in redundancy mode?

Wexter, 2018-02-05

For normal operation through two providers, go here https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Policy_Base_Routing
For port forwarding, go here https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:IP/Firewall/...

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