Ilya Kanyshev2018-02-01 11:14:56
Ilya Kanyshev, 2018-02-01 11:14:56

2 operating axes on one disk how to install?

Recently, the idea arose to install Kali Linux and wine 10 on a laptop (1 disk). Sori, they banned me in Google and Yandex. The images are already there. After installing Kali, there was a problem installing wine 10, because I don’t know how to do it. Help mi pliz

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Alexander, 2018-02-01

And it was necessary to put Windows first. Seriously. You will now install Windows, and she will screw up the linux bootloader.

CityCat4, 2018-02-01

1. Demolish Kali
2. Install Windows, but do not give it all the space, leave it under Linux
3. Install Kali. During installation, Kali will find Windows and write it to grub.
Windows is dumb. It does not suggest that the computer may have other axes. Linux is smart :)

Yupa20171123, 2018-02-06

1. Give her a place with the help of Kali.
*If Kali didn't eat the whole disk:
parted /dev/sda and make a partition in free space.
mkpart primary ... - if mostly
extended if in an extended partition.
* Perhaps / home is mounted something big, you can reduce it and give the rest of the space to Windows.
Look at /etc/fstab. You may have to boot from a flash drive.
*transfer by packing in tar:
Upload to cd, to some partition (swap :), or flash drive gentoo install live cd, pappyrus, ...
Boot from it/
cd /home/my_clone_of_kaly
mount /dev/sda? /mnt/KaliDisk1
tar -cf kali.tar /mnt/KaliDisk1/* -p --preserve-permissions --acls --xattrs Remap
the disk to both axes.
unpack kali where does it need to live
mount /dev/sda? /mnt/KaliNew
cd /mnt/KaliNew
tar -xf kali.tar -p --preserve-permisions
--xattrs Windows.
pour where it should fall.
dd if=/home/vistpc/MyWin10.img of=/dev/sdb1 offset=... count=... conv=...
or mc, copy with attributes (but not the fact that it will work, it's not 98 :)
mount /home/virtpc/MyWin10.img /mnt/img
register it (Windows) in a hornbeam (but he must be able to uefi).
make one
more grab parted /dev/sda
mkpart ... for example by giving it a little bit from swap .
install or copy the grab from the first partition (dd) or manually.
or put it there and copy its settings files.
set the boot flag from it
parted /dev/sda
set 2 boot on (grub2 may be different)
reset the boot flag (so that Windows does not know anything) Install Windows (not letting it ruin the disk).
You can allocate space for Windows at the beginning (100MB).
Reboot from flash drive. Reset boot flag on sda2 (for example). Register both axes in it.
Watch pappyrus how it starts Windows
title Win
map (0,1)

sda1 - windows boot loader (efi)
    sda2 - grub2(efi) при выборе Windows grub передаст загрузку на sda1 
                      при выборе Linux запустит ее. 
    sda3 - windows10 
      sda4 - exetnded 
      sda5 - linux (/)
      sda6 - swap 
      sda7 - home 

Install Windows.
From the flash drive, remove sda1 where bootmgr.
grub> root (hd0,0)
install ....
Install a hornbeam from a flash drive and register both axes in it (if it does not find it manually).
short creative process :)

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