nolnol2022-02-07 19:58:42
nolnol, 2022-02-07 19:58:42

2 monitors not working, what to do?

There are 2 monitors that have a VGA output and an rx470 video card. The main monitor is connected via a vga-hdmi adapter, and the second one via vga-dvi. When I start the system, everything works fine, I can sit in the browser, but as soon as I go into any game, both screens start to flicker indefinitely until I restart the system. The drivers are the latest, windows 11. Who faced this and how to fix it?
PS: Both adapters are 100% working.
PSS: Before that, I used another monitor as a second one, there was an hdmi output, that is, I connected it without an adapter and everything worked perfectly.

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