G0ohan2014-03-25 12:57:47
G0ohan, 2014-03-25 12:57:47

2 monitors in clone mode and one more - how to implement?

Greetings! Idea: I want to display the image from the computer to the admin monitor + game monitor + projector. The game monitor and the projector will show the same thing - the game process.
The admin monitor will be, in fact, a desktop - it will be possible to poke the "rec" button there to record what is happening on the game monitors and everything else. It is clear that no information should enter the game monitors, except for the game itself, and this game itself should be displayed without the slightest delay (the game is MK9 on PS3).
Is it possible to implement this with AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD, Sapphire Radeon HD7850, Intel Core i7-2600K? There are enough ports and adapters. OS Windows 7 x64

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