l4m3r2019-06-27 23:00:50
l4m3r, 2019-06-27 23:00:50

2 monitors: HDMI + Display Port or HDMI + DVI or DVI + Display Port?

There are 2 identical monitors with HDMI + VGA outputs.
There is a system unit with a built-in Intel video card + GeForce 1060.
I connected one via HDMI -> HDMI to the video card. The second one had to go through VGA to the integrated one, because I forgot to buy a wire. But when I turned it on, the image where the VGA + built-in is somehow faded or something ...
All this is what I mean?
Tomorrow I want to go buy a cord so that I can connect the second monitor to 1060. Which one is better to take so that the color reproduction and quality on the two monitors are the same? On HDMI -> Display Port or on HDMI -> DVI? Sorry if the question is stupid.
PS: settings (brightness, contrast) and monitor models do not differ.

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Armenian Radio, 2019-06-27

It doesn't matter, at a short distance without stereoscopy everything will be the same.

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