leracoder2020-09-30 10:53:39
leracoder, 2020-09-30 10:53:39

2 letters arrive in the mail. How to fix the error?

Good afternoon. We ran into a problem:
We created our own mail event and our own mail template, which comes to the mail when placing a new order in the online store, as well as paying and canceling. Tested, letters come.

However, along with our letters, old Bitrix mail templates also arrive, and there are no such templates and types of mail events in the site admin panel (in the "Mail events" section).
Perhaps they are created manually, written somewhere in the code.

Please tell me where to find them and how to remove them?
because now all letters come 2 times for all events (our new template, which we created through the admin panel and the old one)

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Alexander, 2020-09-30

If I were you, I would look at the list of event types with the "SALE" prefix, and for those that have repeated letters, I would check the associated templates.
If nothing suspicious is found, it remains to look in the code, for example, event handlers in init.php (in /local/ or in the main folder with Bitrix). Well, the last solution is to deploy the backup locally, scan the IDE and search for send events.

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