Dmitry Klimantovich2020-10-18 14:18:55
Dmitry Klimantovich, 2020-10-18 14:18:55

1C-Bitrix. How to make a shopping cart and checkout on the same page so that “Total” is recalculated everywhere?

Adding a checkout to where the cart turned out to be easy - just added a "checkout" component to the cart page.
But the problem is that when you change the quantity of goods in the basket, the recalculation occurs only in the basket component, and the order is placed only after the page is reloaded.
How to do recalculation on the fly everywhere?

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Dmitry Klimantovich, 2020-10-19

Everything ingenious is just as it turns out!
The "Cart" component has the following parameter that solves this problem: At the same time, the "Checkout" component must be added to the cart/index.php cart page. One thing I did not like is that when all cart items are deleted, the checkout form remains unchanged. If anyone finds a solution to this problem - unsubscribe, please.

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