lightalex2016-06-27 20:46:49
lightalex, 2016-06-27 20:46:49

#2 How to implement city selection on the site?

Hello colleagues!
I recently posted a question ( How to implement city selection on the site? ), where I asked "Where can I get the most complete database of cities around the world in different languages?"
And I received three answers with a link to the vk database of cities
But as it turned out, this database has a very bad translation of the cities themselves
Yes, and not all cities are there (or they are just in some incomprehensible language that I could not find neither by the original name nor by English)
And while I was exploring the database of cities from vk, I noticed that Google Maps had no problems with translation.
Therefore, the question arose - is it possible to somehow get a list of cities from Google by the parameter "Country" ?

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Michael, 2016-06-27

" Google doesn't offer access to the data like this ".

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