bzserg2018-10-11 10:49:59
bzserg, 2018-10-11 10:49:59

2 categories with the same url?

Tell me how to implement such a structure on the site.
site.ru/ua/poland/biznes/publication name - The news must be tied to a specific country and category.
site.ru/ua/poland/ - there will be news related to Poland (list of news)
site.ru/ua/poland/biznes - news on the topic of business in Poland (list of news)
site.ru/ua/biznes - news on the topic business in all countries. (news list)
as a multilingual use of the
WordPress module will not allow you to create 2 categories with the same slog and achieve such a structure, use the category and under the category will not come out
- biznes (slog)
- biznes (slog) biznes
- (slog)
are there any tools, ideas how to achieve such a structure??

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