Mark2017-05-03 06:16:48
Mark, 2017-05-03 06:16:48

2 blocks in 2 columns how to do?

I'm a little confused, please help me figure it out.
1) It is required to do as in the image:
picture, title.
2) how I imagine it will be in one div
3) make it exactly in 2 columns.
This whole construction will be screwed to the admin panel in the php code, and when we add the file, this div will be duplicated and we need to make sure that it does not go horizontally, namely in 2 columns.
I'm a little confused, I hope by looking at the image you understand the essence. How to implement it?

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Erick_Flatcher, 2017-05-03

Well Flexbox, I guess. And it is well maintained, and simple, and you can arrange it.

Polina Emelyanova, 2017-05-03

column-count properties.
Set the column-count to the parent, and make the children inline-block. In addition, you can easily align the blocks vertically.

Alexander, 2017-05-03

with all the dislike for tables now, I see it here, if adaptive layout is not required, then this is a table.

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