IgorBorys2021-02-05 17:29:13
IgorBorys, 2021-02-05 17:29:13

2 Bitrix languages ​​on 1 site. The problem with the catalog and brands on 2. How to solve?

In general, IM is installed in Russian at the root isolon-west.com (s1)
Created an additional site (s2) in the admin panel, which is available at https://isolon-west.com/ua/
Created separate infoblocks for the second site.
Copied files from the first site in the root to a subfolder on the second site.
At the same time, I changed the ID to new infoblocks.
Everything by analogy with 1.

urlrewrite.php lies in the root of the first site.

Directory condition.

'CONDITION' => '#^/#',
    'RULE' => '',
    'ID' => 'bitrix:catalog',
    'PATH' => '/catalog/index.php',
    'SORT' => 100,

Why the condition for the second directory was not automatically created, I do not understand.

The only thing is that I did not copy all the properties from 1 infoblock of the catalog to 2. But I doubt that it is not displayed through this.

Maybe someone has come across something like this? Can you help me figure out where to look for the problem?

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