Michael R.2015-07-10 16:39:40
Michael R., 2015-07-10 16:39:40

2-3 best ips monitors under 15000r?

Hello! I'm in a dilemma which monitor to get.
From the requirements:
1. From 19".
2. Up to 15000r.
3. ISP matrix.
4. 2-3 options to choose from.
Important: Since different monitors with the same matrices at the output give a very different picture, I would like to hear thoughts of people who really faced this issue not by hearsay...
THANK YOU in advance! =)

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Andrey Ermachenok, 2015-07-10

Stands at work Philips 237E
I bought my daughter Philips 27 "
We like it.

box0547, 2015-11-04

I use LG 23MP55D ( https://market.yandex.ru/product/10694007?hid=91052) , more than six months, my eyes are happy. Were performed with a 25 "screen.

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