sprocker2015-04-22 16:33:10
sprocker, 2015-04-22 16:33:10

1s UT10.3 - Why is there no automatic exchange with RIB?

The bottom line is this - we set up an automatic exchange in 1s with RIB nodes (platform, UT conf, but it does not work.
It works just manual, without a hitch, with automatic a message like this is displayed:

Automatic exchange of data on the "RIB exchange" setting has begun (18:31:40).
Error reading changes from exchange file.
Error calling context method (ReadChanges): Error executing handler - 'OnWrite': {CommonModule.SiteExchangeProcedures.Module(96)}: Error getting context attribute value (SiteExchangePresence): Attempt to get uninitialized session parameter value
Reading data from exchange file completed with errors!
The exchange of data on the "RIB exchange" setting is completed (18:31:42).

How the exchange of RIB with ExchangeSite can depend at all, I have no idea. Where to dig and look - too.

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sprocker, 2015-04-23

Thanks to everyone who responded!
The problem went away after updating to

klis, 2015-04-22

Apparently, when loading the next object, the system tries to register it for subsequent uploading to the site (this is the question of how the exchange of RIB with ExchangeSite may depend). And it crashes because it tries to get the value of the "SiteExchange" session parameter, which was not initiated (this is the question of where to dig and look).
Please clarify what you mean by manual and automatic exchanges?

Alexander, 2015-04-22

It's possible that the session parameter PresenceSiteExchange is initialized in the regular application module instead of the session module. Because Since the automatic exchange is most likely configured with full rights, it is performed on a server where the regular application module is not running, which means that the necessary session parameter is not initialized.

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