De Slow2016-10-28 23:02:58
De Slow, 2016-10-28 23:02:58

1s Bitrix subsections are not displayed?

There is one site on which there is this system. All the data has already been filled in 2112f268e9d14741905200a9901ef2f2.png
(There are goods inside the subsections), but when I go to a section that has subsections, the subsections are missing, for example: 772b1ebe61914e07bda31fad0f92bd15.png
And it should be like this: b32ad080b2dd47469955920f99dae70d.png
What could be the problem? -subsection activity is enabled.
I don’t understand how to deal with this Bitrix at all. There is little time to learn materiel.
Tell me please

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