fanov2020-04-20 18:34:56
fanov, 2020-04-20 18:34:56

1s-bitrix - how to display such an infoblock?

Good day!
I'm stretching the layout on Bitrix
There is such a block - 5e9dc23e90390926939985.png
How to make just such an implementation, if the top and bottom were the same location - then it's understandable.
And so, when the first two have text on the left, the picture on the right, the next second on the right has text, pictures on the left.

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scottparker, 2020-04-20

check by index)

Jupiter Max, 2020-04-20

$idx = 1;
while(//тут условие){
if( $idx % 2 == 1) { /* выводим нечетные статьи*/
// тут верстка
}else{ /* выводим четные */
// тут верстка

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