Andrey Korekhov2020-03-11 10:34:00
Andrey Korekhov, 2020-03-11 10:34:00

1s Bitrix how to display search results in personal recommendations?

In the product card, a search is implemented for trade offers of related products (the ability to buy as a set).

$arSKU = CCatalogSKU::getOffersList($IDs, 0, array('ACTIVE' => 'Y','AVAILABLE' => 'Y',''), array('NAME','QUANTITY'), array('QUANTITY'));

As a result of the search, a list of matching offers is displayed that can be added to the basket by ID

The problem is that just a list is displayed

. How, based on the search results, to display these products in the Offers block (Personal recommendations)?
And am I reinventing the wheel =)

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Andrey Korekhov, 2020-03-25

Issue resolved.
I made a preview on my own and made a sidebar in the right place in the template.

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