Vlad Yasnov2020-09-13 18:43:53
System administration
Vlad Yasnov, 2020-09-13 18:43:53

1s agent does not start, how to fix it?

The programmer decided to restart the 1s agent, turned off the agent and restarted (on ****) the server, after starting the 1s machine, the agent turns on and after 10 seconds it turns off. what to do? I tried to reset the config settings, cleaned the registry, reinstalled the 1c agent, nothing helps. M.B. Is there anything else that can turn it on?

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Janus74, 2020-09-14

it usually behaves like this in two cases:
1. the port under which the agent works is busy
2. there is no license for the server.

Saiputdin Omarov, 2020-09-13

cluster service not running? see the logs in the root of the 1c directory or OS eventlog

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