SteepNET2021-03-10 20:42:06
SteepNET, 2021-03-10 20:42:06

1C UT 11.4 + BUS Business + BUS module which is better?

Good afternoon!
UT + Exchange module with BUS + Bitrix Business It

is necessary to arrange the uploading of goods to the site in 1C, there is practically nothing special, but it will be necessary to create and upload goods from the category of plumbing, with dimensions. depths, widths, with various types of angular, combined, multi-colored, etc.

I ask for help with advice on how best to organize, whether to use the characteristics of the goods or simply limit themselves to additional details, again there are types of nomenclature that have some properties for others other properties, can this be taken into account when unloading, types of nomenclature, etc.?

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Konstantin, 2021-03-12

well, here is a methodological question)
reporting, selection, and so on will depend on the maintenance of the directory ....
and these are your desires and needs. Sometimes I saw code doing separate analytics for the site.
Tenicheski for BUS, don't care
look for
Preparation of the structure of the nomenclature reference book in examples (1C company, 1C: ERP developers)
https:/ /fserver.1c.ru/its/files/public/erp/pract20...

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