Magnet192021-01-31 19:23:46
Magnet19, 2021-01-31 19:23:46

1C UT 10.3 Products in the catalog of the bitrix site are not updated?

After restoring the database of the online store on Bitrix, 1C exchange with the website stopped working. 1C correctly unloads all changes without any errors. But there are no changes in the directory on the site. The directory GUID is specified.
Tried partial, full, forced unloading - no results.
Did local unloading - information from xml is present.
I checked the files that come to the site at the time of the exchange and reports (upload / 1c_catalog) - all the information is also there.
What could be the problem?

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Magnet19, 2021-02-02

I restored an earlier backup copy through Bitrix, the problem was solved, now it uploads correctly.

prgrant, 2021-01-31

1. Do the xml_id (external code) of the products with guid 1C match?
2. "Integration with 1C" settings in the store settings

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