TechNOIR2018-08-31 14:12:35
TechNOIR, 2018-08-31 14:12:35

1C-Bitrix. Letters go only to @yandex.ru, they do not go to other mails. What to do?

Good afternoon.
Letters go only to yandex .ru, they do not go to other mails.
Events do not go to mail.ru, etc.
Please tell me what could be the problem?
thanks in advance

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Alex-1917, 2018-08-31

Are you asking what's the problem?
I'll tell you what the problem is.
Here is your problem - you are using the ancient mail.php protocol.
It has been blocked in Google and in mail-ru for five years.
Two solutions:
1. Do letters come to Yandex? Well, use Yandex!
2. Yuzay SMTP, here is a chic lib - https://github.com/Ipatov/SendMailSmtpClass
And no domain settings and other rubbish are needed !!!
And by the way, there is a built-in SMTP in Bitrix!!! Newbie sho?))

Sergey, 2018-08-31

mail servers are turning off your mail, configure MTA correctly, check if you are blacklisted

Sanes, 2018-09-01

In addition to the server, DNS may not be configured correctly. Use SMTP. There is a module in the market .

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