Artur Bekerov2013-12-06 10:22:36
Artur Bekerov, 2013-12-06 10:22:36


Greetings. I am currently integrating a website with 1c using the soap protocol.
Took a typical accounting 3.0. I published it on a webserver, I turn to it server.domain.ru/test/ws/messageexchange_2_0_1_6.1...
I get the scheme, I also try to connect via soapui. I get everything too.
But when I try to send a request through soapui, it says authorization is required. soapui is on my computer, the webserver is on another.

Now nothing much happens. Can anyone suggest some typical request to get some kind of answer. I googled a lot of information, but did not figure out how to make requests to 1s in the form of xml.

I would be happy to have any information that will help to understand.

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Artur Bekerov, 2013-12-20

Did everything myself. who needs help - contact [email protected]

Vladimir Boliev, 2013-12-06

When publishing, uncheck "Use operating system authentication on the web server".
And try accessing the WSDL file through a browser.

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