Simon Tis2020-02-21 15:10:10
Simon Tis, 2020-02-21 15:10:10

1C site management. How to pass information from form service?

There is a site on 1s Bitrix. Section Services - web forms.
There is a code for each form. Now the data is sent stupidly by mail.
I need to somehow catch the data filled in these forms and send it using php to a third-party system. How to do it?

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Alexey Emelyanov, 2020-02-21

Connect to this event https://dev.1c-bitrix.ru/api_help/form/events/onaf...

Alexander Borisovich, 2020-02-21

Forget about Bitrix functionality. Make yourself a php file and go there from the front what you need. All the same, it will be the same + for some reason, a Bitrix functional and some events that are unclear for some reason.

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