lord amotar2016-03-29 11:13:32
lord amotar, 2016-03-29 11:13:32

How to conduct an AV test of a non-Bitrix site using Google Analytics?

the task is to conduct an auto-test of the product card using Google Analyticscs
site on Bitrix.
made a trial test in Google Analytics
when creating a test, gave instructions on the location of the script

1. Make sure the original page and experimental options contain the Google Analytics tracking code.
2. Copy the experiment code and paste it directly after the opening head tag at the top of the original page.

I threw the code into the template after the opening head tag
, when checking the code for the location, it gives an error

Google Analytics tracking code not found.
Note. If you're sure the pages are set up correctly, you can start experimenting.

the question
is whether it is possible to conduct an av-test of a product card using Google Analytics if the site is on Bitrix?

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Alexander Litvinenko, 2016-03-29

There, when you run adwords, in the adwords itself, you specify links to different page options.

Anton, 2016-04-06

I don't know much about experiments, but I suspect that the code inserted into the site should be placed after the tracking code.
I can also advise you to use the GA Debug chrome extension, a very cool thing, it displays all the analytics actions on the site in the console

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