twiircl2022-01-12 11:33:38
twiircl, 2022-01-12 11:33:38

1c remote app windows server 2016 windows problems, any solution?

users have remote access to 1c via remote app, not everyone, namely only 4 people on the same network, when you click on the "print" button of the windows form, it switches to the previous open window that is open on the user's computer, and not through rdp.

tried to roll back the version of the rdp client - it worked for some, but not for some; they
tried to change the application from x64 to x32 - the same thing (but it worked for someone)
and when you click on "print" through teamviewer - nothing switches only if the user himself does it.

I haven't seen similar questions on the Internet, maybe they can help here, thanks

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fpir, 2022-01-20

I don’t know for sure, because I set it up for myself about 7 years ago, but since. there are not a lot of answers, I’ll insert an assumption, it seems it depends on the RDP setting (remoot app is rdp, only 1 window is transmitted). There are properties - transfer to the server, in particular, the printer. And when you create a shortcut for the application, these settings seemed to be there too.

ComodoHacker, 2022-01-13

You at least write a version of the 1C platform.
Does it happen in any form or in a specific one?

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